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Samples of the Symphonique line I 45+

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Samples of the Symphonique line I 45+

To fall in love - you need to get to know the products

In order to get to know the new, incredibly effective line - the products of the Symphonique line, which are designed for people over 45 years of age, we offer the opportunity to buy 3 product samples (day and night cream, eye gel), so that you too can enjoy the exquisitely captivating touch when the cream blends with the skin of the face .

SYMPHONIQUE day cream (for dry or normal skin) - moisturizing day cream with modern nanotechnology, which creates a more beautiful and healthy skin appearance shortly after application. The cream continues to be absorbed deeper into the skin, where it delivers a rich palette of anti-aging ingredients. Each ingredient has its own specific long-term benefits. The entire Beauté Pacifique Crème Symphonique line is based on the latest advances in dermatological research and formulated with the most effective ingredients. Each of these ingredients has a strong rejuvenating and revitalizing effect.

SYMPHONIQUE night cream - contains six types of vitamin A, each of them has its own amazing benefits. Among them is Retinol, which is encapsulated in our specially designed microcapsules that are protected against oxidation and degradation. The microcapsules of Beauté Pacifique gradually burst and disintegrate in the skin, immediately after application to the skin and later continue their activation during the night. This means you get an immediate collagen-restoring anti-aging effect, as well as a long-term effect due to vitamin A being deposited deep into the skin.

SYMPHONIQUE eye gel - the modern eye area care product restores the appearance of the eye area in just 15 minutes. Fine lines and wrinkles are instantly filled with sugar molecules. The entire Symphonique concept (Patent Pending) provides the skin with six highly active forms of vitamin A for the highest antiaging results. The high efficiency of the eye gel is enhanced by ingredients similar to Botulinum toxin, which prevent mimic lines, as well as anti-oxidative ingredients that increase the effect of Anti-Age.

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Svetlana Rendeniece
Symphonique krēmu paraudziņi un acu gēls

Esmu ļoti apmierināta.
Ļoti labi krēmi.


Vieglas tekstūras krēmi. Āda gluda, samtaina, nav jūtams nekāds kairinājums ne uz sejas, ne zemacu zonā. Lieliska izvēle ādas kopšanai!

Svetlana R.

Lielisks serums! Ļoti efektīvs!
Labākais no visiem Beauty Pacific serumiem.

Olga B.

Крем лёгкой, приятной консистенции, хорошо впитывается, имеет нежный, приятный запах .

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