Set | oily skin - acne | Night and Cleansing

Beauté Pacifique

Set | oily skin - acne | Night and Cleansing

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  • Rejuvenates lost collagen and sun damage
  • Opens clogged pores and works against inflammation in impure skin
  • Contains three different forms of clay each capable of binding and removing oily residues
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Beauté Pacifiqu For oily skin basic set - helps against the acne

Clinical Super3 Booster + Clinical Super3 Exfoliator + Deep pore cleansing mask

The Beauté Pacifique Kit for Acne is a skin care program created by Danish dermatologists for the care of extremely problematic skin and acne, and for improving the condition of the skin. The set includes 3 products of the highest efficiency:

1. Clinical Super3 Booster - Vitamin A ester cream to be used at night. Reduces skin greasiness, tightens pores, acts as an anti-bacterial agent against existing inflammations and forces the skin to renew itself. Can be used in summer and during pregnancy.

2. Clinical Super3 Exfoliator - cleans the top layer of the skin both mechanically, with small granules, and also with the help of 3 types of acids. The product is safe to use, but very effective. Sorrel and propolis also work on subcutaneous inflammations. The skin becomes exceptionally smooth, the skin tone is visibly improved and the pores are opened so that the Deep Pore clay mask can even better draw dirt and oil from the pores.

3. Deep Pore Cleansing mask - will deeply clean clogged pores and give the skin a pleasant feeling of coolness. Three types of low-molecular Japanese clays cover the top layer of the skin very densely and effectively draw out dirt from clogged pores.

When buying a set, save up to 35% (33.2 eur)! Product prices when purchased separately:

Clinical Super3 Booster 50ml (85,-eur)

Clinical Super3 Exfoliator 50ml (60,-eur)

Deep Pore Cleansing Mask 50ml (30,-eur)


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    Katrīna Ž.

    Ļoti kvalitatīvi produkti, kas sniedz solīto efektu. Āda pēc pīlinga paliek perfekti gluda, mālu maska dziļi attīra un krēms pēc tam palutina un nomierina ādu. Labs komplekts, pēc kura ir sajūta kā pēc kosmetologa apmeklējuma.
    Dāvanā pie pirkuma saņēmu prāvu klāstu paraudziņu ar produktiem, ko jau sen gribēju pamēģināt, un individuāli pielāgotu programmu tieši manam ādas tipam. Tas bija ļoti patīkami! Paldies par lielisku klientu servisu!

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