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BEPAS Gift Card

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Beauté Pacifique gift card


Beauté Pacifique digital gift card, for purchasing branded products in the BePa.lv store. Immediately after completing the purchase, we send the digital gift card in a text message as well as to the e-mail address. The gift card code can be used immediately. After receiving the payment, we also send the gift card through the Omniva package. We attach 5 different product samples and a brand product brochure to the gift card. Before redeeming the gift card, we suggest contacting our consultant to receive professional recommendations for the purchase of the most suitable products.

How to use?

Immediately after purchase, we send the unique code of the gift card in a text message and to the e-mail address. The digital gift card is intended for payment of purchases in the store www.BePa.lv. With the digital gift card, you can pay for purchases several times, as long as the card is valid and the card has a positive balance. When paying for the products, you must enter the unique gift card code. The validity period of the digital gift card is 12 months from the moment of purchase. The gift card cannot be exchanged for cash. In case of questions or uncertainties, write to e-mail info@bepa.lv or call by phone. +371 25162899.

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