Set | oily skin | acne | premium

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Set | oily skin | acne | premium

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  • Does not make the skin greasy and is therefore also ideal for young skin that needs daily moisturize
  • Removes dull looking and dead superficial cells
  • Contains a peach extract that provides a fresh sensation with a natural fragrance
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Premium set for acne and oily skin

Beauté Pacifique premium ādas kopšanas komplekts ir Dānijas dermatologu izveidota ādas kopšanas programma, izteikti problemātiskas, aknes skartas un taukainas ādas kopšanai.

Cleansing foam (150ml) + Disinfecting tonic (200ml) + Moisturizing cream (40ml) + Clinical Super3 Booster (50ml) + Clinical Acid peeling (50ml) + Deep cleansing clay mask (50ml).

The set contains 6 highly effective products, which, when included in the daily care routine, will improve the overall condition of the skin.


Step no. 1 Cleansing foam for all skin types

The facial skin cleanser with its light and pleasant consistency cleans the skin of the face and neck very well, promotes the cleansing of pores and makes the skin smooth and very clean. Most importantly, this foam does not make the skin dry and does not irritate it. Also very well suited for cleaning young skin.

The foam can also be used as a shaving agent, as it provides a comfortable and smooth shave. They easily lift hairs and significantly reduce ingrowth of hairs into the skin.

Step no. 2 Disinfecting tonic for all skin types

Tonika sastāvā esošajam alkoholam ir dezinficējoša iedarbība, kas sniedz ādai svaigumu. Ar šo toniku tiek samazināti liekie tauki uz ādas virsmas. Lietot pēc Beauté Pacifique attīrošā pieniņa. Uzklāt uz vates plāksnītes, un tīrīt sejas un kakla ādu no rīta un vakarā. Pēc tam uzklāt sev piemērotāko Beauté Pacifique krēmu.

Step no. 3 Moisturizing cream with matting effect

Beauté Pacifique Oil Free Moisturizer is a cream with a light consistency for those who prefer not to put anything on their skin, but understand that skin hydration is an important prerequisite for healthy and supple skin. Creates a matte skin surface and is therefore an ideal product for combination/oily skin care. Formulated to reduce the shine of the skin, while conditioning it and making it pleasantly soft.

Step no. 4 Clinical Super3 Booster (night cream)

A very powerful, yet gentle high-concentration A-Vitamin ester cream that very effectively regenerates the skin and limits the formation of further skin damage for thin and transparent skin, sun-damaged and aged skin, inflamed skin, oily and acne-prone skin.

The result is a smoother skin surface with clearly visible rejuvenation and deep structural improvements.

Clinical Super3 Booster contains 3 effective and particularly stable Vitamin A esters in high concentration, which provide an extremely strong anti-aging / skin regeneration effect. The collagen structure is regenerated throughout the depth of the dermis, so mimic lines and wrinkles become less visible. The cream also strengthens the skin and it becomes firmer, more flexible and more capable of protecting itself from the negative effects of the external environment.

Clinical Super3 Booster is very well suited to care and restore impure skin / liver. Three sebum-regulating ingredients reduce any excess sebum production. The natural antibiotic and allergen-free Propolis gives the cream anti-bacterial properties. It limits the formation of dirty skin lesions such as infections and associated scarring.

Clinical Super3 Booster also contains a large amount of Rooibos extract, widely known as the South African women's health tea. Hordeum Vulgare Cera / Barley grain wax is added to reduce any signs of inflammation.

In Clinical Super3 Booster, as in our other vitamin A products, the effective vitamin A is in a stable form of esters, so it is not photosensitive and – unlike most products with vitamin A in its composition – can be safely used even in summer. The active ingredients of the cream penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, promoting the formation of new collagen and making the skin firmer and plumper.

Step no. 5 Clinical Super3 Acid peel

A particularly powerful acid peeling cream with perfectly rounded beads that also mechanically remove dead skin cells and open pores. Combining the action of peeling acids with gentle mechanical cleansing results in extremely smooth, glowing and healthy skin.

With this peeling cream, the skin is simultaneously cleansed biologically with three different types of acids: Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid and Azelaic acid - as well as White Willow bark extract. The result is a more youthful appearance, a silky smooth skin surface with smoothed epidermal relief.

Beauté Pacifique Clinical Super3 Exfoliator also contains antibacterial Propolis, a natural defense against microbial infections that limits further skin damage caused by dirty skin, such as infection and associated scarring.

Clinical Super3 Exfoliator also contains Rooibos extract, one of the most promising and broad-spectrum ingredients that improves the skin and strengthens its natural defenses against the degradation of aging. Rooibos is also an effective anti-oxidant that also moisturizes the skin and protects it from free radicals that damage the skin and contribute to its aging.

Step no. 6 Deep cleansing clay mask

Beauté Pacifique Deep Pore Cleansing Mask contains 3 different types of fine molecular Japanese clays that cover the skin's surface very densely, deeply cleanse and tighten pores. Also contains vitamin C, kava-kava root extract and peach extract, which cleanses, soothes and gives the skin a pleasant feeling of freshness.

Try it! The cleansing result will be even better if, before applying the clay mask, you cleanse the surface of the skin with Beauté Pacifique Gentle Facial Exfoliator or Beauté Pacifique Clinical Super3 Exfoliator deep cleansing peel used by professionals.

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