Masculinity Hair & Shower Gel | 200ml

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Masculinity Hair & Shower Gel | 200ml

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  • Suitable for all skin and hair types
  • Cleanses and refreshes both skin and hair
  • 2 in 1 shower gel for both hair and body
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Beauté Pacifique Masculinity Hair & Shower Gel, 200ml

Beauté Pacifique Masculinity Hair & Showe Gel shower gel is effective and easy to use. This shower gel is suitable for frequent washing of both body and hair, as it is made from ingredients that wash skin and hair equally effectively and also give a feeling of freshness - without causing dryness. After washing, the skin is properly cleansed, fresh, seemingly moisturized, with a pleasant masculine aroma.

Main Ingredients

2. Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate is a very mild tenside by itself and plays an important role in the complex group of simultaneously active substances in our formulation, which creates an extremely mild product (A tenside separates all kinds impurities from their adhesion to a surface i.e the hair og skin)

4. Sodium Laureth Sulfate is a mild tenside playing an important role in the complex group of simultaneously active substances in our formulation which creates extremely mild products, separating the impurities from the surface of the skin/hair

6. PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate is a hydrofilic emollient/tenside. Diolves oily substances. Cleanses the skin without drying.

7. Glycerin is one of the very best and most widely used humectants (moisturizers). It penetrates easily into the epidermis and makes the skin soft and subtle. This vegetable glycerine can without problems be applied to very sensitive skin types. It provides lubrication and leaves the skin soft and silky smooth. It is extremely comforting to very dry skin types.

12. Beta Vulgaris (Beet) Root Extract is an extract from sugar beets. Enhances the natural moisture-binders in the skin and provides extra moisture – both immediately and long term.

22. Urea is used here to add an extra level of moisture to both skin and hair.

26. Parfum (Fragrance) The fragrance in Masculinity is created for Beauté Pacifique to leave a sensational fresh scent of a modern man while not containing any allergy potency as per the EU Regulation.

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