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Beauté Pacifique


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  • Works as a Neuro-blocker
  • Muscle realaxing/delineating like a mild Botulin Toxin effect on expression lines
  • Reduces the dark line appearance by adding light emission to deep lines and furrows
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Beauté Pacifique Line Combat Fluid, 15ml

Beauté Pacifique Line Combat Fluid primarily smoothes the uneven surface of the skin, i.e. all mimic wrinkles, grooves and lines. The product has an effect similar to an iron ironing a wrinkled shirt.

The effect of Beauté Pacifique Line Combat Fluid is related to the double relaxation of tight muscles under the skin, which is achieved with two active ingredients. One is a synthetic and modified snake venom that paralyzes the muscles, and the other is a flower extract that blocks neurotransmission signals to the muscles - both deactivate the subcutaneous muscles.

Beauté Pacifique Line Combat Fluid is a daily product with a very attractive effect, somewhat similar to Botulinum Toxin injections. Line Combat Fluid is definitely less effective, but it does not require surgical intervention and is safe to use at home. The effect is completely reversible if the product is not used for several days.

The effect of the product perfectly enhances the effect of the A-vitamin eye cream Crème Métamorphique. A-Vitamin Eye Cream transforms and restores the inner structure of the skin deep down, while Line Combat Fluid smoothes the surface of the skin.

Line Combat Fluid also contains microscopic beads that emit light from the deepest wrinkles of the skin, making them visually smaller.

Also try: Before applying make-up, apply a small amount of the product to pronounced wrinkles, as the light-emitting properties of this great product will reduce the appearance of wrinkles even more.

Customer Reviews

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Egija A.

Brīnišķīgs produkts! To uzklājot sajūtams liftinga efekts!
Paldies! :))

Indra G.

Fluīds lieliski izpilda pildvielas funkcija mīmikas grubmbiņām, vienlaicīgi neradot smaguma sajūtu un āda jūtas svaigi.

Ieva J.

Esmu nesen sākusi lietot Line Combat Line produktu.Viegli klājas un ātri iesūcas ādā. Un smarža patīkami neitrāla.

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