Skin diagnosis and specialist consultation

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Skin diagnosis and specialist consultation

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Denominations:Dobele | 20.05.2022
100% Money Back Guarantee!

100% of the consultation registration guarantee fee can be used to purchase Beauté Pacifique products

Dobele | 20.05.2023

Price: €15

dr. Aija Šmite's private practice at 3-1 Rīgas street, consultation time 30 minutes.

The registration guarantee fee includes:

💙 In-depth DermaScan skin ultrasound diagnostics worth 45,- eur.

💙 An individually suitable skin care program drawn up by a specialist.

💙 A set of 5 samples of the most suitable skin care products worth 55,- eur on average.

The registration guarantee fee [15 euros] can be used in full for the purchase of the Beauté Pacifique product you need.

Immediately after completing the purchase, we send the registration guarantee fee code in a text message as well as to the e-mail address.

Description of the consultation
An in-depth skin diagnosis will be performed by a Beauté Pacifique specialist using the latest ultrasonic skin diagnostic equipment from the Danish manufacturer Cortex Technologies DermaScan.

During the skin diagnosis, the specialist will determine

  • The thickness of the skin surface (epidermis) and existing lesions.
  • Density and damage to the structure of the deeper layers of the skin.
  • Collagen concentration up to 3mm deep.
  • The specialist will diagnose existing damage to the skin structure caused by aging processes and/or sun exposure.
  • It will be possible to repeat the diagnosis of the skin 3-6 months later, and make sure of the level of regeneration of your skin.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Beauté Pacifique's mission is to help people become happier. We believe that better and more beautiful skin helps everyone feel better and achieve more in their everyday lives.

That is why it is important to us that everyone is 100% satisfied with the Beauté Pacifique service they received and the skin care product they purchased. Only we guarantee 100% satisfaction or a full refund.

How to make a reservation?

Before paying the reservation guarantee, we invite you to contact the organizer and clarify whether the desired visit time is available.

Immediately after the payment of the reservation guarantee, we send the unique code of the paid reservation fee in a text message and to the e-mail address.

In case of questions or uncertainties, write to e-mail or call tel. +371 25129 149.

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